Grove YB5515 Yard Boss Mobile Crane

Grove YB5515

The Grove YB5515 is the latest version of the Shuttlelift 5540F model and has been produced after the
acquisition of the Shuttlelift carrydeck line by Grove during 2007.

The model is supplied in a new Grove printed box, complete with full colour specification leaflet giving technical details and pictures of the real machine.

The two piece polystyrene inner packaging keeps the model well protected and the loose compartment covers and pins are in a separate bag.

The low slung side cab has an opening door to reveal the internal operator station including foot pedals, steering wheel and crane operating levers, complete with printed operating details on the cab side and clear glazed windows all round. Even the simulated rubber window seals have been added which shows the amazing level of detail on the model.

Grove YB5515

Grove YB5515

The upper deck has one hinged, opening storage compartment and two removable access panels that reveal the transmission and battery components. The engine cover opens to reveal the detailed 85hp Cummins B3.3 diesel engine and cooling system. The bed surface has a rough finish just like the real machine to help grip loads that are placed on the deck during transport.

Grove YB5515

The undercarriage features four wheel steer with freely rotating wheels and rubber tyres with authentic tread pattern. The four corner mounted stabilisers are functional and can be lowered to give the crane better stability.

Grove YB5515

The crane’s 4 section boom consists of three telescoping sections with a side mounted jib which can be connected to the boom head. The rope winch is mounted in the rear counterweight and rotates to lower and raise the hook block. The boom can rotate through 360 degrees and the side mounted angle indicators function just like the real machine.

Grove YB5515

Other details on the model include rear view mirrors, boom line retaining brackets and work lights. The paint finish is supperb in the corporate yellow and grey with authentic Grove markings placed all round the model.

Grove YB5515

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions

Length: 3.875" / 98mm
Height: 19.187" / 487mm
Width: 2" / 51mm
Weight: 0.7 lbs / 0.32Kg

Box Dimensions

Length: 8.75" / 222mm
Width: 6" / 152mm
Height: 3.25" / 83mm

Versions Produced

The YB5515 was also available in the Sword Precision Scale Models line as the Shuttlelift 5540Fin Corporate, Tan, Red, Green, Anthony and Great Lakes Power versions.


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